Sunrise Popcorn


We made our famous popcorn better – by popping the tiniest, whitest corn kernels with almost no hull. That makes Popella a gourmet product perfect for popcorn connoisseurs, the elderly and people seeking a better popcorn experience.

Caramel Popcorn

Why settle for plain when you can have caramel? Sunrise ups the ante in this classic snack with our caramel and specialty line of popcorn. Deliciously sweet, delightfully crunchy and enticingly packaged; Sunrise Caramel Popcorn is sure to become a customer favorite for snacking, parties and Purim gift giving.

Kurly Korn Slim & Trim

Better-for-you popcorn with better-for-you ingredients, Kurly Korn Slim & Trim is made with sunflower oil to appeal to dieters and others seeking a more healthful snack. Just 37 calories per serving!